What is Marketplace?


What is it?

Marketplace is a place for SAA Approval Holders to advertise their products to potential buyers that are located all around the world.

Why use it?

The buyer will have certainty that the product they are browsing has an SAA Certificate.

The seller will be able to access the large number of buyers who require genuine SAA certificates for the products they import.

Who is asking for the service?

SAA receives enquiries from potential customers asking for details of approved products almost every day.

Here is an example:

Hello… i regularly use SAA lookup for a buying guide and not getting results …

Finding many items have a SAA number on its website but no model number

how can i check an item without the model..just with the SAA number??

thank you,


Who can list and what can they list?

Any SAA Certificate of Approval or Certificate of Suitability holder may list the products contained on their certificates.

Does the SAA Certificate Holder have to list their products?

Certainly NOT! If the Approval holder wishes to remain anonymous then that is their right. This is simply a method to connect our SAA clients with prospective buyers in Australia. It is entirely voluntary.

Who will be looking at the Marketplace?

SAA is bombarded weekly by requests for SAA approved products. Of course, we must be completely impartial to all certificate holders and we cannot divulge company or certificate details to these enquiries. This is a lost opportunity.

What details will you list?

There will be space for the approval holder’s details, including an email hyperlink and webpage hyperlink, details of the product, brand name, model number and SAA approval number and the ratings. You can also optionally have a photo of the approved product.

What are the costs?

It will cost $AU120 for a listing. Photos can be added for an additional $AU50 per photo.
The product will remain listed on the marketplace whilst the SAA Certificate is still current.

In which order do the listings appear?

For each listing generated by a search, the order of the listings will be randomly generated by our software. This is to be fair to all those wishing to list.