Application for Laboratory Scheme

SAA Recognised Laboratory Scheme
The purpose of the recognised laboratory scheme is to establish and maintain a commitment to an efficient working relationship between SAA Approvals and the test laboratory.  This is simply a useful way to help interested parties access testing services.

As a member of the SAA Recognised Laboratory Scheme you will receive:

Annual Laboratory Inspection
The laboratory will be visited by an SAA employee, prior to joining the scheme, and then every year they remain a member.  The visit is free of charge. The purpose of the visit is to provide training, maintain executive contact with the laboratory and verify the accreditation of the laboratory. Any applications for certification made in the previous 12 months will also be reviewed at this time.

Partner Laboratories will have the option to be listed in a special section of our website for public search.

Membership Tiers
The laboratories will be listed according to their rank:

  • Silver Membership will be achieved with 10 approval applications completed
  • Gold Membership will be achieved with 25 approval applications completed
  • Platinum Membership will be achieved with 50 approval applications completed

The annual fee for the scheme is $AU500 per year.  The first year of membership is free of charge. There are no other fees associated with the SAA Recognised Laboratory Scheme.

To apply simply complete the application details below.  When applying for this scheme you agree to the Terms and Conditions of the scheme.

  • CEO/General Manager

  • Contact Person

  • Accreditations

  • Accreditation NumberAccreditation Body Name