Newsletter #3 2020

August, 2020

We wish to make a statement to address the persistent rumours in the market about the acceptance, or otherwise of SAA certificates in various States in Australia and New Zealand. Please read this statement very carefully.

Newsletter #2 2020

March, 2020

SAA Update   SAA Update SAA 更新 To our Chinese friends – congratulations on beating the virus! 致我们亲爱的中国朋友们 – 感谢你们在抗击疫情方面做的所有努力和取得的成效! We are very glad you are back at work and functioning again. 我们非常高兴看到中国的疫情已经得到了有效的控制,举国上下开始复工复学。 SAA has used the quiet time to organise ourselves and do training. We have also prepared ourselves for the probability that we… Read More

Newsletter #1 2020

February, 2020

Support for our Chinese friends   各位中国朋友, Dear Friends in China,   近期中国正在遭受新型冠状病毒的袭击,人民面临着疫情的严峻挑战。疫情牵动人心,我们对中国政府采取的应对举措和中国人民的积极配合表示由衷敬佩。 We know that China has been suffering from Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), which can cause severe respiratory illness. People in China are facing an unprecedented challenge. We admire the Chinese Government’s quick response to this public crisis and the co-operation of the Chinese people. 同时我们也十分牵挂在中国的朋友们,并祈盼疫情早日结束,我们一起加油! We… Read More

Newsletter #2 2019

December, 2019

New Website! We have redesigned our website to be easier to use and understand. Please try it out here. The best features are the find a lab tool, the easy-to-use brand new Online Application Form and the What I need section. Refrigerators Standards Australia has published amendment 2 of AS/NZS 60335.2.24 which is in response… Read More

Newsletter #1 2019

May, 2019

Changing Requirements in Victoria 维州法规的一些要求变更 Energy Safe in Victoria recently made some announcements about law changes in their State which relate to the EESS and how the RCM is used. 维州的能源安全部门近期发布了一些公告,对该州的法律作出了一些调整,这些调整涉及EESS体系及RCM标志的使用。 The major change is that from October 1, Victoria will only accept certificates issued under the RECS certification system. SAA is a RECS certifier…. Read More

Newsletter #3 2018

December, 2018

New Process at SAA Following customer feedback, we have altered our process so that both technical checks are completed before the client is notified of any feedback. This means just one set of comments on any application. The new process is a reasonably big change that has caused an initial backlog, and we urge patience… Read More

Newsletter #2 2018

August, 2018

[:en]DC Isolators The definition for DC Isolator as published in AS/NZS 4417.2 is: DC Isolator An electrical device that— (a) is an air-break d.c. rated isolator; and (b) is for connection to the wiring of a household photovoltaic (PV) electrical installation, other household renewable energy installation, or household energy storage installation.; and includes (c) any… Read More

Newsletter #1 2018

August, 2018

[:en] Small Batteries Small batteries are a high profile issue in Australia as we have had a couple of children die and numerous other children getting severe internal burns from swallowing them.  When a remote control is intended to be used with an appliance or batteries that are accessible inside the appliance, the battery type… Read More

Newsletter #6 2017

August, 2018

[:en] RECS – RCM Last Friday, the Queensland Government issued a Declaration of Recognised External Certification Scheme (RECS) for SAA Approvals PTY LTD. 上周五,昆士兰政府颁发了授予SAA 特许外部认证体系资质(RECS)的公告。 This is what it means for our customers: 对于我们的客户而言,这意味着: Absolutely nothing changes for our customers unless they choose to use the RECS scheme instead of the REAS scheme at the… Read More

Newsletter #5 2017

August, 2018

[:en]Power Supplies – Very Important The New South Wales Regulator has been writing to importers and sellers of Power Supplies advising them that AS/NZS 60950.1 is not an appropriate standard for power supplies for general use. If the power supply is for use with IT products only, then an approval to AS/NZS 60950.1 is permitted…. Read More