SAA Announces Korea Memorandum of Understanding

November, 2023

SAA recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Korea Testing and Research Institute (KTR) in a ceremony conducted at our offices in Brisbane. 近期SAA与韩国测试研究院 (KTR)在布里斯班的会面仪式中,签订了一份协议. The purpose of the MoU is to foster a closer co-operation between KTR and SAA. SAA will offer their usual services to Korean companies through KTR. SAA will also act… Read More

SAA now on WeChat & Air Conditioning Equipment requirements

October, 2023

SAA is now an official account on WeChat – please follow us here: SAA已开通微信公众号,请搜索关注公众号SAA Approvals或者扫描下方二维码,您将得到我司最新资讯.   Important Notice affecting all manufacturers and importers of small air conditioning equipment: 关于小型空调设备的重要公告,该公告影响涉及到所有制造商和进口商,内容如下: We have been advised by the Department of Climate Change that from 1 July 2024, Australia will ban the import and manufacture of small air conditioning… Read More

NSW Government Regulator Notice: Products with integral supply pins

October, 2023

SAA is in receipt of the following notice from the NSW Government Regulator: SAA收到以下新南威尔士监管机构的通知: I would like to give a reminder of some complexities with articles with integral supply pins that are also supplied with detachable plug portions: 这里针对同时具有一体式插头和可拆卸式插头的电源类产品的复杂性给出一些提醒: Allowed type. This electrical article (power supply part) does not have any integral supply pins, and… Read More

SAA re-launching EMC service

October, 2023

SAA is delighted to announce that they are re-launching their EMC service with a greatly improved offering. SAA很荣幸地宣布将重启EMC服务,并且承诺服务质量将大幅提升.  The purpose of the EMC service is to give suppliers and importers confidence that their EMC documentation meets regulatory requirements in Australia and can be included in the portfolio of documents which must be held by the… Read More

Latest News from SAA

September, 2023

There are a number of exciting developments happening at SAA in the next few weeks, so please look out for further announcements. 接下来的几个星期,SAA将会宣布一些振奋人心的消息,敬请期待. As we head into Golden week, SAA is fully caught up and processing applications quickly. We will accept priority applications this week for the customers who are desperate to secure their certificate… Read More

Wechat feedback / Standards updates / Staff News 主题:微信反馈 / 标准更新 / 职员信息

July, 2023

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement and as required by our ISO 17065 accreditation, we will be seeking feedback from consultants and certificate holders in the coming months. To make it easier, we have included a Wechat field in our application form. Once the certificate is issued, we will ask a simple question… Read More

SAA Update 21 April 2023

April, 2023

We are on-time and processing applications within 5 working days. 我司目前审理周期恢复为五个工作日。 A reminder that Tuesday 25 April is ANZAC day, which is an important public holiday in Australia and New Zealand, and we will not be working. 周二4月25号为纽澳军团日,该节日是澳大利亚和新西兰的一个重要的公共假期,我司在一天不营业。 There is no public holiday the following week and we will continue to work during the Chinese… Read More

Happy New Year 2023 and China Visit

February, 2023

To all our valued clients and friends, Happy New Year 2023 and wishing you all a prosperous and healthy year ahead. 尊敬的客户朋友们,新年好,祝您在新的一年里平安喜乐,阖家安康! We have been very busy at SAA in recent months and we have finally eliminated our backlog of work, so normal service has returned and we are ready and waiting for your applications…. Read More

New Zealand Government Requirements

October, 2022

The New Zealand Government issued some gazette notices on the 2nd August 2022 which imposed conditions on acceptance of EESS certificates, which were previously accepted as issued for Australia. 新西兰政府于2022年8月2日颁布了一些新的公报通知,对EESS证书引入了一些条件限制.  这些条件限制早先适用于澳大利亚. You can find the gazette notices (only notices 2022-au3179 & 2022-au3180 apply to private certifiers) here: Gazette notices | WorkSafe. Further information on NZ medium… Read More

Fee Increase – 4 August 2022

August, 2022

From 4 August 2022 we are going to implement a general price increase across our fees. This is due to recent inflation and on-going cost pressures. 自2022年8月4日起,我司将对申请费做一个常规提升。这一决定基于近期高企的通胀指数以及持续性的成本压力。   SAA is committed to providing the same high level of service to our customers and in order to continue this commitment, we are taking this initiative. SAA承诺一如既往地为我们的客户提供高水准服务,此次价格调整也将助益于我们继续践行这一承诺。  … Read More