Schedule of Fees

6 October 2023

The SAA Approvals application fees are structured for simplicity with the one fee level to cover all products whether declared/non-declared or Level 1, 2 or 3.

Schedule of Fees
1.Application for new Certificate*$ 700.00 + GST* ($770.00)
2.Renewal of existing SAA Certificate*$ 700.00 + GST* ($770.00)
3.Technical modification*$ 550.00 + GST* ($605.00)
4.Administrative modification (non-technical change/s)*$ 350.00 + GST* ($385.00)
5.Certificate Corrections and/or changes$ 150.00 + GST* ($165.00)
6.Transfer certificate to another company$ 350.00 + GST* ($385.00)
7.Extension to certificate (Non-Declared)

Extension to certificate (Declared) (Inc NSW Fee $541 GST Free)
$ 650.00 + GST* ($715.00)

$ 650.00 + GST* ($715.00)
8.Hourly rate$ 350.00 + GST* ($385.00)
9.Priority servicePOA
10.EMC Certificate$ 1000 + GST* ($1100.00)
11.Radio Frequency Device Certification$ 1400 + GST* ($1540.00)
12.Photo Voltaic (PV) Inverters, Battery Energy Storage Systems and any associated equipment.$ 5 000 + GST* ($ 5 500.00)

* Notes:

  • All fees are in Australian Dollars. (Additional fees will be charged if payment is not in Australian Dollars.) GST applicable to AU customers only.
  • The above fees are based on a single review of one standard in one test report and Deviation report. Where one product requires multiple standards or additional information, test reports and/or samples must be reviewed, additional charges may be applied.
  • Where applications include complex modifications or numerous models, additional modification fees may apply.
  • New Certificate fees also apply to Co-Approval/Co-Licences.
  • Additional Fees will be charged in the following instant:
    Luminaires where the driver/power supply is not approved additional $550 + GST.

The Application fees are to accompany the Application form and the payment may be made by:

    • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT):
      Bank – Suncorp Metway Ltd
      Address: 266 George Street, Brisbane QLD 4000, Australia
      Account Name: SAA Approvals Pty Ltd
      BSB: 484 799
      Account No: 084 999 851
      SWIFT Code: METWAU4B

When paying by EFT please ensure that you use your company name and model number as a reference and send a copy of remittance advice to us by email to

    • Credit Cards
      Amex/Visa/MasterCard/We Chat & Ali Pay are accepted (additional fees apply)