Schedule of Fees

15 July 2019

The SAA Approvals application fees are structured for simplicity with the one fee level to cover all products whether declared/non-declared or Level 1, 2 or 3.

Schedule of Fees
1.Application for new Certificate*$ 600.00 + GST ($660.00)
2.Renewal of existing SAA Certificate*$ 580.00 + GST ($638.00)
3.Technical modification of certificate compliance *$ 500.00 + GST ($550.00)
4.Administrative modification (non-technical change/s) *$ 300.00 + GST ($330.00)
5.Certificate Corrections and/or changes$ 100.00 + GST ($110.00)
6.Transfer certificate to another company$ 300.00 + GST ($330.00)
7.Extension to certificate (Non-Declared)

Extension to certificate (Declared) (Inc NSW Fee $459 GST Free)
$ 600.00 + GST ($660.00)

$ 600.00 + GST ($660.00)
8.Paper copies of certificates$ 60.00 + GST ($66.00)
9.Hourly rate$ 300.00 + GST ($330.00)
10.Priority servicePOA
11.SAA Marketplace

Photos can be added
$ 120.00 + GST ($132.00) for the life of the certificate

$50 + GST ($55.00) per photo
12.EMC Certificate and Declaration$ 350 + GST ($385.00)
13.Package (Certificate of Approval/Suitability + EMC)$ 600 + $300 ($900) + GST ($990.00)

The above fees are based on a single review of one main test report and Deviation report. Where additional information, test reports and/or samples have to be requested, charges at the hourly rate may be applied.

The review of a draft report will incur an additional fee of AUD300 +GST ($330). 

Where applications include complex modifications or numerous models an additional fees may apply

Fees are in Australian Dollars. (Additional fees will be charged if payment is not in Australian Dollars.)

New Certificate application fee also applies to Co-Approval/Co-Licences.

The Application fees are to accompany the Application form and the payment may be made by:

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT):
Bank – Suncorp Metway Ltd
Account Name: SAA Approvals Pty Ltd
BSB: 484 799
Account No: 084 999 851

When paying by EFT please ensure that you use your company name and model number as a reference and send a copy of remittance advice to us by email to

  • Credit Cards:
    Amex/Visa/MasterCard/Bankcard are accepted. Please complete the Payment Details in Section 9 of the Application Form or call us for payment to be accepted over the phone, +61 7 3393 9455
  • Cheque:
    Payable to: SAA Approvals Pty Ltd (in AUD)