What Do I Need?

Test Report

As part of the SAA approval process, Test Reports must be endorsed and from a recognised and acceptable laboratory and may be the original or a certified copy as detailed in the Form Guides.
An abbreviated listing is set out below:

  • A NATA report or from an accredited laboratory with which NATA has a mutual recognition agreement (see ILAC and APLAC); or
  • A CB Test Report and Certificate issued under the IECEE CB Scheme; or
  • A Test Report which is a supplement to a Test Report from NATA that is accredited for the Standards and tests concerned; or
  • A report from an entity which has been recognised by an Electrical Regulator.

Technical Documentation

Sufficient technical documentation must be provided to demonstrate that the product complies with the applicable Standard.
Details are provided in the Guides for Completing the Forms. The following would form the minimum technical documentation to
be supplied with the application form: see the applicable Guide for Completing the Form for more details.

  • Test Reports
  • Sufficient colour photographs of the product and all components necessary to identify the product
  • Circuit diagrams, list of materials and components where necessary to identify the product
  • Specifications of key parts such as transformers and protective devices
  • User and installation instructions and documents that will be provided upon sale of the product
  • Declaration that any supply cord, plug or appliance connector has current appropriate certification or copies of certificates for each
  • Declaration (See Section 8 of the application forms) that the product submitted for certification is representative of the manufacture production line and that each product in that line will be marked with the allocated Certification Mark in accordance with the sample provided. In addition, the applicant takes sole responsibility for the products supplied to the Australian and/or New Zealand market and has obligations under legislation to ensure the product remains compliant